Inspired by classics such as "Monkey Island" and "Broken Sword", intriguing and seducing like a "Twin Peaks" parody, "The Secret of Middle City" is an adventure that takes place in a typical north-american mountain town and that sees the protagonist, the goofy and clumsy Federal Agent Cox, strive among mysteries and false leads in order to solve a weird case of presumed homicide.


The exquisite Linda Patton, daughter of Mr. Patton, a respected engineer, has suddenly disappeared leaving no trace.
Only one man can help the sheriff of Middle City, you!
Play the role of F.B.I. Agent Cox and travel to Middle City to unveil its secrets and find Linda Patton!
And remember! In Middle City nothing and no one is like it appears..

  • Beautiful 2D graphics in old pixel art style.
  • 50 locations to visit.
  • 60 characters to with interact.
  • Easy icon-driven mechanics allow the player to interact with other characters.
  • Full range of sound effects and inspiring music.
  • Localized in English, French and Italian.
System Requirements::

  • Windows OS: XP, 7 and 8.1
  • Amiga OS: 4.1
  • MorphOS:
  • Aros(x86):
  • MacOS:
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 1.4GHz (Windows, Aros), G3 or PPC440 (AmigaOS), G3 (MorhpOS), Intel CPU (MacOS)
  • Ram: 2Gb (Windows,Mac and Aros); 512Mb (AmigaOS 4.1 and MorphOS)
  • Gfx Card: on board graphic card
  • Sound Card: on board audio card
  • Requires 200MB of free space on Hard Drive.
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