• Staff

    CoderGirelli Gianluca
    Art-DesignParise Giuseppe
    CoderPalombo Davide
  • Mission

    GDG-Entertainment is born from the idea of three long-time computer lovers, each one specialized in different Information Tecnology departments.
    From that comes the will to create an indipendent development team, Indie, focused on game design and game coding, which can takes its strenght from the previous and important experiences.

  • More Info

    The web site launch represents the will to come to a meeting point between what we will realize and the Web World.

    Sure of a sincere appreaciation for this struggle, and hoping for a constructive future confrontation, we invite you to navigate our site.

  • Support

    For further informations on services and on ongoing projects we kindly invite you to visit the portfolio section or to contact us directly. We will be more then happy to keep you updated on our projects.

    Happy navigation.


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